10 Reasons to Switch to Zozter Digital Business Cards in 2020

Apr 30, 2020

By the time people have started to understand the potential of the digital world, almost every business is pulling up socks to establish online. After eCommerce shopping websites & e-learning platforms, the new age digital business cards are here to seek all your attention.

What Are Digital Business Cards?

These cards are a digital form of business cards containing details like- business/brand name, contact details, physical address, etc. Digital business cards can be developed via a website or a smartphone app. It’s quick, easy, and can help you try several business card designs in no time.

Reasons Why You Should Go For Digital Business Cards This Year

  1. Easy to share- As a new entrepreneur, how many times you struggled to give your business card to the prospects you met at a conference? We understand it’s a real task. Well, if you still feel it awkward to offer your business card, this new-age digital business card is a perfect choice for you as you don’t have to share it in person but using the app. 
  2. No printing cost- With every new design or a minor alteration, business cards demand to be printed a lot of times. However, for once, you may not consider it an expense, but when done frequently, it can turn into a big headache in no time. To save yourself from this cost, go for digital business cards that do not need to be printed. Just create, save, and share. 
  3. Smart features- How many times you approached your clients or other business owners to give away your updated business card? It’s embarrassing and awkward until you have not built good relations with someone. Well, in this scenario, the digital business cards are a life savior. The moment you change the design or update any details on the business card, the changes are updated in your network automatically. This saves you from the hassle of updating other business owners about the changes made. 
  4. Accessible to search- Just in case you have misplaced a file of updated changes in your smartphone, you can search it on phone memory & get the file location immediately. 
  5. Helps in data collection- You can pile up all the information; others received digital business cards and your own designed cards, all in one place. In this way, the digital business card apps ensure access to the file anytime, anywhere.

6.   Makes communication easier- You can create a network of all the business officials in one place, share your business card on the group, and simplify communication to a considerable extent. It waves off the chances of errors and miscommunication too. 

  1. Saves paper- When holding a business card, we fail to think about the number of trees trimmed to give you the most excellent quality paper. Cutting a million of trees results in a minimal amount of business cards which are used or rarely exchanged these days. With this, we don’t just damage the environment indirectly but add a lot to the trash development throughout the world. Switching to digital business cards can help you bring a difference in the industry as it does not require paper or ink. 
  2. Cannot be misplaced- How many times you heard your clients or business partners saying- ‘sorry, I misplaced your business card. May I have another one?’ although there isn’t any issue in offering another one, but what if you run out of it? To cut such awkward circumstances forever, go for digital business cards that cannot be misplaced at all. 


  1. Don’t worry about the card quality- There are times businesses agree to pay a few extra dollars to get the premium quality business cards. No matter how bad or good quality paper you use, after a time, it ends in a trash box. Then why pay such high prices for quality business cards? To cut such expenses and hassle, go for digital business cards that appeal through its unique design and features. 
  2. Design as many as times- You cannot think of redesigning an ordinary business card every month or two. And if you do, it’s going to add a lot to your business expenses for sure. How? Well, you don’t have to pay for the designer but the printing agency too. And a digital business card is the smart solution to such problems.

So, when are you installing a digital business card app to design some awesome business cards for your venture?

A Platform for Premium Quality Digital Business Cards-

Zozter is the world’s first-ever online social sharing app developed using a revolutionary approach to help you craft unique digital business cards quickly. Our app allows complete access to your digital business cards via smart devices like- laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We came up with such a concept to improvise your business handling and to introduce an environment-friendly approach.


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