Are professional networking sites really helpful?

Apr 17, 2020

Digital is the new route to success in this techno-world. So this question does not arise at all. Because if you do not understand the value of digital media, how will you connect with the industry worldwide! Yes, professional networking sites are extremely useful. Professional networking sites add value to the business organizations as well as for professionals in the following manner –

  1. Opportunity to connect with industry heads and professionals in your genre– When you register with professional networking sites like LinkedIn, or Zozter, you get the opportunity to connect with industry heads and professionals. You are aware of what new things they are doing and you can share with the world what all you have accomplished. This is how you gain recognition in your circle.
  2. Work and employment opportunities - These professional networking sites showcase your talent to the world and that’s how the top business organizations in your industry start to notice you. 80% of the Zozter users have shared that they have seen or received employment opportunities while using the website or the app.
  3. Free of cost self-branding - One of the biggest benefits of being on a professional networking site like Zozter is that you can get free e-business cards when you become a user. All you need to do is log on to their website or download the app. Zozter app is available both on iOS and Android. Once you have downloaded the app, you can get your business cards designed in any template of your choice. This facility is also available on their web version and is available for all users FREE of cost. This digital business cards are very helpful as you can send it to people via email or on social media or through simple WhatsApp transfer. This means you don’t need paper cards anymore and can save money with e-business cards. This feature is available only on Zozter.
  4. Profile building – Professional networking sites like Zozter and LinkedIn allow you to build your profile sharing all your academic details and work experience. Thus, you don’t need to take your CV for an interview. Your Zozter profile is your best resume.

All these benefits are for real; no wonder the number of users continues to increase on Zozter every day. These professional networking websites are fast emerging as the preferred professional platform and medium for conversation, discussions, talent hunting and thought leadership. Have you registered on Zozter yet? If no, click here and do it now!


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