How can startups cut down their initial branding expenses?

Apr 17, 2020

Life is not easy for startups, especially when in the current situation, the global economy is moving towards a recession period. In this hour it becomes crucial for a start-up to cut down its expenses when it begins its journey. The most important thing for a startup is to cut down initial branding expenses because branding is one function of the management which the startup team can innovate and handle on its own with their creative ideas and efforts without involving a third party.

This would help them save a good amount which they can use it to expand their operations, build up their liquidity and pay for other fixed overheads. So how should startups manage their initial branding budget?

The easiest and simplest step in this direction is to build your profile on a professional network and try to do regular posts on that network rather than going for any special form of advertising.

Free Business Cards at Zozter: One such networking portal, Zozter offers startups good support in this regard. One big benefit of registering with Zozter is that it provides FREE business cards to every user. It is also one of the leading professional networking sites where a business organization or an individual can create their profile and connect with the industry and professionals.

Digital marketing through Zozter: By making use of the services of Zozter, startups can save the money they otherwise would have spent on getting their business cards designed and printed. There are many templates available on Zozter and you can create business cards for each and every employee of the organization. These digital business cards are free and can be easily exchanged through smartphones or gadgets or even via mail. That means not only the startups and professionals save their money but also are easily connected with the world digitally!

There are no hiccups of carrying your profile or business cards. You just need to download the Zozter App which is available on iOS and Android platforms. Zozter is also a highly popular platform to post about the company’s achievements and work done.

Business networking via Zozter: A good number of professionals and startups have already registered on Zozter and are availing the services of this platform to augment their business and professional network. You too can make the best use of Zozter’s innovative services with one click. Register now link


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