Why You Need Zozter Digital Business Cards?

Apr 23, 2020

It may interest you to know that 88% of the paper business cards are thrown away within a week or two. Out of this, 63% of clients/prospects/business owners throw these cards because they are not interested in your services.

Your potential customers or clients want someone they can trust. If you are not able to create that lasting impression, there is no use of expecting a positive revert. So, how can you develop that lasting charm on your clients?

Well, it’s not rocket science just a bit of smartness, a never-seen-before approach, and you are done!

The Secret to Standing out in Crowd-

Exchanging paper business cards is a four-decade-old business ritual. But now to remain sturdy in this cut-throat competitive world, you need to extra-ordinary. And what is that extra-ordinary in terms of business cards?

Well, it’s the new generation cards that speak out your business standards- digital business cards.

However, paper business cards have been doing well so far, but now with digitization sneaking into every domain, the paper business cards started ending up in trash boxes.

What is a Digital Business Card?

Also referred to as ‘E-business cards,’ these are digital cards that are developed, designed, and shared using either application or website. Digital business cards are quite easy and quick to share. All you need is to generate a QR code and send it to people in your network or phone contact through email, QR code, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Text message, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. It doesn’t just help to strengthen your online business handling methods, but somewhere helps to construct a strong base of your online business or entrepreneur profile. Digital business cards can be displayed on business websites showcasing your real sense of branding.

Some of the leverages of having contactless digital business card includes-

  1. Eliminates printing cost and hassle
  2. If you have the designing flair, you can create your digital business card without any external assistance
  3. Adds to the business branding
  4. Leaves a lasting impression
  5. Helps to safeguard the environment
  6. Changes made on business card updates automatically.
  7. No more worries about misplacing business cards
  8. Where a standard paper business card allows keeping limited information, on the other hand, a digital business card permits to include details like- complete contact information, physical address, a business tag line, showcasing the branding colors impressively, and much more.

Once you hop on and experience surfing a digital business card making app, you can unlock and try your hands on numerous features.

In case you are an entrepreneur who has been trying to bring a fresh wave in your business operational activities, then giving a try to the concept of digital business cards is a must for you!


Your Quick, Easy & Effective Medium to Digital Business Cards-


Zozter is the world’s first online social card sharing app, which has been designed to let you make a mark in your business industry. We have embedded some of the eye-catching themes, designs, and uncountable features to make digital business card designing and sharing quick, easy, and simply amazing for you.


To reap its benefits, sign up for FREE, create a kickass profile, and don’t forget to share it on your social media channels.


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