Zozter- The New Revolution in the Digital Business Cards World

Nov 23, 2020

According to a recent study, a business increases the overall sales by 2.5% through 2000 business cards shared with the right prospects. But at the same time, 88% of the business cards are thrown away within a week or two.

Now, these two statistics narrates the importance and dishonor of business card usage to a huge extent. In addition to this, let’s go through the reasons why business cards couldn’t create an impression.

Why people don’t prefer ordinary business cards-

  1. Not an eco-friendly approach- In order to come up with the best quality business card, tons and tons of trees are shed every year
  2. Printing cost- The printing cost of the business cards is a bit higher than the usual printing expenses
  3. Invites hassle- Every time you make a new change in the business card, it is important to get it printed
  4. Sharing business cards- It’s almost next to impossible to share a business card immediately after getting it designed
  5. Quality- If you desire a premium quality card, you may need to shed extra bucks for it

What’s the Smart Alternative?

As the world is stepping towards digitization, it is important to introduce it in your business operations and work processes as well. Right from creating a website to marketing the business online, make sure to keep your business updated in every manner possible.

Apart from running a business online, and marketing your brand, go for ‘digital business cards’ as well.

What is a Digital Business Card?

This is nothing but an improvised version of ordinary business cards which are developed, designed and shared online. There are several apps and desktop applications available online, which gives a user complete access to design a digital business card in minutes.

Zozter- A Revolution in the Digital Business Cards Industry

Zozter is the first app allowing smartphone users to create and share digital business cards without spending a single penny. This app is quick, smart, and loaded with uncountable features to simplify and enhance your experience of digital business card development.

Benefits of Using Zozter-

  1. Quick- The app is quite quick. You can develop, design and get your final digital business card in minutes. Just download the app, sign up and start designing your dream business card using listed features.
  2. Multiple Design Templates- Ensuring an effortless experience, the app is incorporated with several design templates which are updated time-to-time. You can view and go through the different design templates to create your card. All you need is to select one of the design templates, and enter your specific business details and you are done.
  3. Easy to Share- We know the hassle of sharing the business card with your clients and other business owners. But when you are on an app like Zozter, you are saved from the hassle of sharing the business card. The app can be connected to other apps including- WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and phone SMS app to share the digital business card.
  4. Advanced Features- In case you have recently made changes in the business card, Zozter updates the latest changes everywhere automatically. This saves you from notifying everyone in your network about the changes made.
  5. No Printing Worries- When you create & share the digital business cards via the app, you don’t have to worry about the printing costs.

How to Use This App?

The process is quick and easy. It includes-

  1. Sign up- After download & app installation, sign-up to the app using details like- email, phone, etc.
  2. Create Profile- Upload photo & fill other details listed under ‘Create Profile’ feature to proceed.
  3. Design- Explore the different design templates, select the most suitable and design your digital business card.
  4. Share- Once done, save the card design and start sharing it to your network via Facebook, Twitter or SMS.

Who Can Use it?

There are no usage restrictions as such. Anyone can use this app to develop digital business cards. You can find out different design templates based on the profile type. If you are a-

  1. Professional
  2. Company
  3. Student
  4. Self-employed
  5. Retired

You can use this app.

So, when are you getting your hands on Zozter?


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